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In-Home Care (Hourly and Live-in)

Omnia Home Care offers Seniors a choice. Choice to maintain dignity and independence, choice to live a balanced lifestyle in an in-home environment

At Omnia Home Care, we provide in-home care services that prolong independent living and create a balanced lifestyle for our clients. Our caregivers are trained professionals and can provide a customized suite of services that transform day-to-day care giving into an interactive experience that stimulates the physical, mental and emotional aspects of one's life. At Omnia, our emphasis is on offering services with dignity and grace and making sure that our clients are receiving the best care available. We offer a wide range of services that benefit our clients by keeping them safe, healthy, active and engaged. Review our comprehensive list of services below and see how we can be of assistance to you and your loved ones.

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Social isolation is a major problem among aging Americans, 43 percent of seniors report feeling lonely on a regular basis. It's not just a social problem, but it is also a serious public health issue. One study recently found that adults age 60+ who identified themselves as lonely were 59 percent more likely to suffer a decline in ability to perform daily activities and had a 45 percent higher likelihood of dying than those satisfied with their social lives. Companionship helps deter diseases, such as Alzheimer's, by keeping seniors mentally stimulated. A study, published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, found that older adults who described themselves as lonely were twice as likely to develop dementia.

At Omnia Home Care, we match your loved ones with a companion caregiver who has similar interests and is well trained to take care of all your needs. Once you contact us, we will perform a free assessment of your needs within your home and would prepare a care plan which will help us identify the right caregiver to offer a customized suite of services to take care of those needs. You can call us at (281) 832-9419 to set up your free in-home assessment.

Bathing, Grooming and Personal Hygiene

Omnia Home Care can provide assistance with personal care routines of an aging adult when they need extra assistance within their home environment. The burden often falls on a spouse or immediate family member to recognize the signs that an aging family member might need help with daily living tasks. Poor personal hygiene is common and often the first sign that an elderly individual could use some assistance. Omnia Home Care has experienced caregivers who can help clients who may be at risk of falling while bathing or need help with daily oral and personal hygiene.

Medicine Pickup and Reminders

Omnia caregivers help clients stay healthy by ensuring medication regimes are followed. This is a crucial job considering a large percentage of older adults reportedly make some kind of error when taking their medications. Our caregivers cannot administer medications but they can assist in medication pickups, reading labels and reminding that clients take their medication as prescribed. 

Nutrition - Meal Planning and Preparation

Omnia caregivers help clients stay healthy by preparing nutritious meals and helping seniors maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Whether you are looking for a personalized meal plan for health reasons or just looking to improve nutrition, our caregivers can help. Our caregivers can also assist clients in eating and making sure that they meet their daily nourishment needs.

Toileting and Incontinence Care

Omnia caregivers are well-trained in helping our clients with toileting and incontinence care in a compassionate, dignified and respectful manner. We understand that incontinence and toileting can put an extra burden on a family caregiver. It is hard to be responsible for caring for someone, like your parent or an immediate family member, in this very personal task where it feels as if you are invading your loved one's privacy. This is where Omnia's well trained caregivers can help. Our caregivers can assist with toileting and can also help in having an emotional discussion on using pads and protective under garments with a resistant loved one.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care 

5.7 million Americans are suffering with Alzheimer's disease in United States and by 2050 this number is projected to rise to nearly 14 million. Every 65 seconds someone in the United States is diagnosed with Alzheimer's.


Omnia Home Care offers quality care for your loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer or Dementia. At Omnia, quality Alzheimer and Dementia care begins with a strong foundation of principles and practices rooted in person-centered care. Our caregivers use the Alzheimer’s Association’s Dementia Care Practice Recommendations to provide evidence-based care to individuals living with dementia in residential and community based care settings to transform the quality of care received.

Mobility Assistance

Mobility problems have serious consequences for seniors that can dramatically alter the quality of life. Falls are the fifth largest cause of death in the elderly and can be caused by, and result in, mobility problems. For a temporary disability, you might want your parent to recover either at your home or their own home, until normal mobility is restored. Omnia Home Care can assist your parent (or loved ones) by providing our experienced caregivers who can shop, clean, cook, as needed, until your parent is back on his or her feet. 


In case of a long term disability, when mobility becomes very limited, Omnia's caregivers can support the daily mobility and other transportation needs of your parent. Our care givers and administration staff are well versed with the needs of seniors with mobility problems and can assist your family in making your home more accessible to the needs of a senior. Homes can be modified with:

  • ramps, instead of stairs, at entrances

  • widened hallways to permit easy wheelchair passage

  • roll-in showers that are wide enough for wheelchairs and have grab bars to hold on to

  • raised toilets that are easier to access and that have grab bars next to them

  • sinks and counters at levels that can be reached from a wheelchair

  • wider doors that are easy to open.

Call us to complete a free assessment of your home today.

Respite Care

Respite care offers short-term relief for primary family caregivers. When you look after a family member or a loved one, someone who is sick or disabled, it is a 24-hour job. You need a break from time to time to look after your own needs, rest, relax, go on vacation, shop, go to social appointments, work, or even exercise. This is where Omnia Home Care's respite caregivers can help. It can be arranged for just an afternoon or for several days or weeks. 

Transportation (Doctor visits and other family/social appointments)

Half of Americans that are 65 and older do not have access to public transportation. More than half of all non-drivers 65 and older stay at home on a given day because they don't have transportation options. It is important for seniors to remain mobile to keep their social independence with friends and family; to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, and many other life-prolonging benefits. If you or your loved one is no longer able to drive, Omnia Home care can offer transportation services for shopping, recreation, doctor's appointments and other family or social appointments. We have the proper automobile insurance in place for our caregivers to provide transportation services in Omnia owned vehicles, caregiver owned vehicle or your personal vehicle, whichever you prefer.


Your loved ones who are confined to bed or wheelchair may develop complications due to decreased mobility of the limbs; for example, chest infection, pressure sores (or decubitus ulcer) and muscle contracture. All these complications are related to improper positioning. Omnia's caregivers can assist your loved ones in changing their positions regularly to minimize their risk of developing these complications. Our caregivers can reduce localized pressure by:

  • Adopting proper positioning to minimize pressure over bony prominences.

  • Changing positions frequently and turn every 2 hours.

  • Avoiding friction between the body and the bed during lifting and transfer of the elderly.

  • Choosing the suitable type of chair and teach a chair-bound elder, if possible, to change posture every 30 min with the help of their upper limbs.

Light House Keeping and Errands 

Omnia caregivers can help with light house keeping restricted to the client and the client’s living space, and is not intended to address the needs of other household members. The duties you can expect are those necessary to keep your home orderly so you can enjoy a safe, healthy environment.  You are encouraged to describe to your caregiver your preferences and priorities for cleaning, especially if your caregiver is there for a limited time only. 


Examples of Light Housekeeping from your caregiver may include any of the following: 

  • Laundry (machine washing, drying, folding, putting back into drawers, hanging up) 

  • Grocery Shopping or pickup

  • Changing bed linens 

  • If your caregiver makes a meal, prep dishes will be cleaned and put away

  • Other dishes will also be cleaned and put away

  • Wipe down of kitchen counters and other kitchen surfaces wiped

  • Removing expired food from the refrigerator

  • Wiping down bathroom counter-tops, mirrors, sinks and shower/tub after bathing

  • Maintenance-level cleaning of toilet 

  • If a toileting accident occurs, cleaning immediate area as needed 

  • Dusting of surfaces and knickknacks 

  • Watering plants 

  • Gathering trash and taking trash to the collection spot

  • Vacuuming and sweeping of general living space and walkways if needed (not the entire house)  

  • Organizing drawers and closets 

  • Tidying the general living space 

  • And, your caregiver will clean up after themselves while in your home


Omnia Home Care is not a professional housekeeping service and our caregivers do not have special housekeeping training. Our caregivers do not bring housekeeping supplies or products with them. If your home requires cleaning outside of what we offer, Omnia Home Care can connect you to a professional housekeeping service for those needs.  



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